• Mark Johnson – the wolf whisperer

    Mark “Wolf” Johnson never set out to open a wolf rescue.

    Back in 1996, a friend of Johnson called and said he had some wolf pups.

    “I said, ‘I want one,’” he said.

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  • Fitness After 50: I’ve fallen and can indeed get up – part one

    As much as I dislike the scare tactic used in the Life Alert ad, I have to admit, it’s effective and it’s valid. A woman lies helplessly on the floor (or worse yet, in the shower) and cannot get up. She fell and hurt herself.

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  • Concrete Couch expands horizons

    A lot of people might have difficulty picturing positive possibilities for a parcel of land left largely neglected for years; fortunately, Steve Wood, founder/director of Concrete Couch, and Craig Cantrell, site manager, have vivid imaginations with a community park in mind.

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  • Travel After 50: Where to find Colorado’s amazing autumn scenes

    Just thinking about stands of shimmering, golden aspen against the bluebird skies high in the Colorado Rockies makes us practically … break into song! But with more than 15 mountain ranges across the state, how’s a traveler to decide where to go?

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  • Ask Ms. Kitty: Cats that bite – love nips or not?

    Dear Miss Kitty,
    My one-year-old cat, Thor, is biting me all the time. He can be super sweet and then, out of nowhere, he will bite when I’m walking by him or even just sitting on the sofa.

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  • Hair of the dog

    We have three animals. Two of them eat, bark, and chase squirrels. The third one— although it shares DNA with our beloved mutts—is pesky, sneaky, and hides under the bed even when my husband isn’t watching football on television. We call it The Gray Dog.

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  • UCCS Aging Center to host free caregiver workshop on memory

    The UCCS Aging Center will host a free workshop for caregivers focused on memory concerns and what to do about them. The workshop will be held Thursday, Nov. 7, from 1-4 p.m., at MacKenzie Place Senior Living, 1605 Elm Creek View (next to Nancy Lewis Park).

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  • Fugetaboutit!

    As the world’s population ages dramatically and rates of dementia increase, public concern is growing as well, leading to a phenomenon known as Dementia-Related Anxiety (DRA).

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  • September is National Service Dog Month

    As millions of Americans savor the last days of summer with a hike, a trip over a long weekend, or time puttering in the garden, many will be accompanied by an assistant — who never gets a day off, and is only rewarded with treats.

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    Fitness After 50: What if you hate exercise?

    When Olivia Newton John suddenly showed up with a short haircut, headband and those goofy shorts, suggesting that we all “Get Physical,” not everyone got on board. Some of us, in fact, were so repulsed by the whole new “aerobics movement” that we ran as fast as we could in the other direction, bought a pack of smokes and never looked back.

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