• ask ms. kitty: Feline cries for help – When to see your vet

    It can be hard to justify the cost of veterinary care during these tough times, unless you know Gus really needs it. You are the best judge of when your kitty is off, as you know his behavior better than anyone.

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  • close connections: reducing and channeling anxiety

    Panic attacks, before there was such a diagnosis, sent me to the hospital in my early life. Anxiety led me to a therapist who helped me unravel the sources of this debilitating reaction. It also pointed the way to my career as a therapist, which has shaped me as a human being.

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  • faith: putting ‘thanks’ back in thanksgiving

    This month, millions will celebrate the special American holiday of Thanksgiving. But as our society becomes more secular, the actual “giving of thanks to God” during this annual holiday is being increasingly overlooked, leaving only the feasting.

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  • business profile: discover better hearing – hearing consultants can help

    When it comes to seniors’ hearing, Hearing Consultants of Colorado Springs is all ears.

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  • Meet NASA’s Betty Crocker

    She went on to be the first female instructor of the school. She instructed four
    companies of 25 students in all phases of Navy communications, including procedures,
    equipment operation, security and maintenance. Classes taught by Cain saw a 35
    percent increase in student graduation.

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  • Explaining patriotism to the grandkids

    I’ve always been somewhat cynical about my own military service. I’m also suspicious of “Thank you for your service,” “Support the troops!” and most other forms of uncritical patriotism or nationalism. But Veterans Day last year shifted my view.

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  • Philanthropic travel in Tanzania

    For years, I had longed to see wild animals in their natural habitat. In January, my dream of going on an African safari came true when my husband and I traveled to the harmonious country in East Africa with a small group through Overseas Adventure Travel (OAT). To my surprise, the animals were the cake but the people were the frosting.

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Colorado Springs Veterans Day Parade cancelled Organizers of the Colorado Springs Veterans Day Parade have cancelled the event, originally scheduled for Saturday, November 7, due