From the Editor’s Desk: March Madness

By Anthony Welch

mycolormugwebMarch, to me, means we’re inching our way toward my favorite time of year – summer.

Though, I can’t really complain about this winter. I’ve enjoyed the lack of snow and abundance of sunshine and warmer temperatures. As an avid golfer, I really never store away my clubs during winter, hoping to sneak in a round here and there.

I’ve always strived to at least play a few rounds every single month of the year, and this rare winter warmth has helped that goal right along. Plus, there’s nothing like seeing your drive roll 300 yards (much due in part to the winter turf).

I also enjoy March because it’s time for March Madness and the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. I don’t really get to watch much college basketball days, but I have a blast filling out a bracket and competing against friends and family, including my wife Ashley. Even our son Jaxson got in on the action last year filling out a bracket based on what team mascots he liked the most.

I’ve always been a huge basketball fan, and with the NBA season in full swing and the NCAA tourney, March is a great month. I have fond memories of working as an usher at the University of Colorado Boulder basketball games. I was lucky enough to watch former NBA player Chauncey Billups play during his two-years at CU. Even took the Buffaloes to the second round of the NCAA tournament one of those years.

The warmer weather winter has also enabled my family and I to get outdoors and shoot some hoops together.

Speaking of being active, read about John Mazzella on page 4. He turns 92 on March 28, but enjoys attending weekly dances and maintains a workout routine at home to stay spry.

This month, we also welcome aboard our new contributor Carol Thompson. Read her feature story on retired USAF major Kay Bryan on page 8.

One last note, be sure to visit our new and improved website:

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