From the Publisher’s Desk: Here we grow again

By Bruce Schlabaugh

BrucecolormugwebWe are inching up our circulation to 25,000 papers per month. In March we will be adding 32 new 7-11’s to our routes in Colorado Springs. Getting to 50,000 readers has been our goal over the years and it looks like we are just about there.

The senior market is growing in the Springs so it is natural that our circulation should be increasing along with. In addition our editor, Anthony Welch, has upgraded our web presence. You can find us at

According to Mature Marketing and Research, “Boomers” control more than half the discretionary income and three quarters of the country’s financial wealth. With that in mind we are pleased to be the largest senior newspaper in the Pikes Peak region. We thank all the loyal “over 50” readers” who have picked our papers up over the years.

We have moved into a new office near the Senior Center. We are now located at 1498B N Hancock Boulevard. We are a little hidden away. You go to Edge Rehab, then enter the patio area. We are in the back of the building. Some of our familiar red boxes will show you the way.

I am about to embark on a “bucket list trip” to Europe. I will be gone the first few weeks in March. My wife and I as well as my friend, Luis, are headed to Copenhagen, Spain, France and Portugal. I also have included a quick side trip to Monte Carlo. I want to at least have a photo of me taken in front of the casino. In my mind I am a high roller, but in truth I can probably only afford to give the slot machines a couple spins and have a glass of champagne to celebrate the occasion.




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