From the Editor’s Desk: Exhibit not to be missed

By Anthony Welchmycolormugweb

My father served two tours in Vietnam. Fortunately for my mom, he returned home safely. Of course, if he hadn’t, I wouldn’t be here today.

Many other families weren’t as fortunate. Today, many still have questions as to what happened to their fathers, sons, husbands who were POWs or MIA. Helen Knapp is one of those, and similar questions drove her to lead a group of POW wives on a mission to help find and return the remains of POWS in Vietnam.

A new exhibit at the Pioneers Museum details Knapp’s plight. You can also read her story on page 4.

In other items to check out inside this issue , contributor Becky Hurley gives you an inside look at the gold mine located near Cripple Creek and Victor (page 6). Not only is it a fully-functional mine, but it makes for an interesting daytrip as well.

Later in April, those who enjoy dancing or who’ve always wanted to try it, can take advantage of free dance lesson day. Contributor Carol Thompson gives all the details on page 8.

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