Fertilizing lawns, gardens, trees

By Mike Estes
Rick’s Garden Center

This is the time of year when your landscape comes to life all on its own. The question is do you need to lend some assistance?

All plants store nutrients in their root systems in the fall which provides the energy to come out of dormancy in the spring. Once that energy is used up, we need to replace that food. Trees, shrubs, and ornamental grasses need a balance fertilizer to continue to thrive in your landscape.

Do this twice this year, once now and again in about six weeks. Once we get to August, these plants will begin the process of hardening off for the next winter battle of survival. Lawns like a higher nitrogen fertilizer to grow dark green and thick. Look for a slow  releasing organic food or a synthetic that offers both quick and long lasting nutrient.

You’ll find that inexpensive fertilizers generally only offer a quick green up but little long term help for your lawn. Avoid Weed N Feed combos that endanger adjacent trees and shrubs. Whether you are growing flowers or veggies they both like an organic food that is higher in Phosphorus (the middle number of the formula).

Once again the organic option offers a slow, steady feeding and it won’t burn your plants. There’s also the bonus of adding friendly bacteria at the same time while keeping your food safe. If this sounds confusing, just call your local garden center for advice.

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