A Fallen Hero

BrucecolormugwebBy Bruce Schlabaugh

This is about courage.

When you have flown 23 missions over Vietnam, that takes courage. You never know if you are going to be shot down. When it happens that you actually do get shot down, how do you handle that?

John McCain was thrown into solitary confinement for more than two years. During his capture, he was tortured repeatedly. Once he was offered a chance to be released early. He said no. He would wait until those captured before him were released, according to military protocol.

When he came back, he joined the U S Senate. For years, he was highly respected as a maverick with integrity. He ran for president and was narrowly defeated by Barack Obama. During his campaign, when someone in the audience made disparaging comments about Obama, he asked that his opponent be treated with respect.  There is courage for you.

When diagnosed with brain cancer, he continued to represent his constituents as best he could. He challenged Trump’s healthcare plan with a decisive “no” vote. I’m sure that took a huge amount of courage.


He was thoughtful in his deliberations but not narrow minded. If you could convince him to change his mind on an issue, he would change it. He got along with fellow senators on both sides of the aisle. To date, the American voters have a low regard of politicians in congress. However, I’m sure they would look favorably on the actions of John McCain, who seemed to value policy over politics.

The motto in my military school was, “Character Makes the Man.” In every respect, John McCain is indeed a fallen hero who should be regarded with reverence and appreciation. He was quite a man.

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