From the Publisher’s Desk: Get Your House in Order


By Bruce Schlabaugh

My great grandmother was born in 1876 and died in 1967.

She lived through almost a century of change. Her dad was in the Civil War and she was there during WW11 as well as Vietnam. She rode in a sleigh and an airplane. She saw the U.S. put a man on the moon.

As she was nearing her final days, I saw her quietly opening up her family Bible and she was busy making notes in the few blank pages in the back.

Later, I glanced at what she had written. She was updating her family history. She had a responsibility to keep her sisters and brothers memories alive. She didn’t know I had been watching her.

It was all about her need to pass her family lineage forward before she died.

Now I find myself doing the same thing. I am talking with an attorney to create an estate plan. If anything happens to me, I want my family protected. This involves medical
decisions and legal decisions. Tax problems can create a headache if they are not addressed in advance.

Do you want to protect your home from a medically induced bankruptcy?

I am not making notes in the family Bible but I am getting my house in order.
I know full well your life can change in an instant. I plan to get ahead of the game.

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