From the Editor’s Desk: New Year’s resolutions


By Anthony Welch

Entering a New Year usually means New Year’s resolutions for many and a chance at a fresh start to maybe get healthier or focus on a new goal.

Time and time again, I’ve set a New Year’s goal to focus on eating better and getting into better shape. It usually works out well … at least for a while. Then the temptation of sweets interrupts progress and I tend to start all over again.

Focusing on health is something that we should all focus on year-round. With that in mind, I think more people should focus on adding something new to do in their life as a New Year’s resolution. Whether you’re still working or retired, why not add a new activity or hobby to break up the usual routine?

Being a musician, I’m fortunate enough to have the opportunity to escape life’s stresses by sitting behind some drums, picking up a guitar or playing a show or two each month. Music is my “Prozac.” My resolution, however, is to continue to encourage my 7-year-old son Jaxson’s love for music. I have a goal to spend more time with him in our drum rehearsal room and to help him as he learns the guitar.

I think it’s crucial for everyone to have some sort of hobby or activity outside of work or just sitting at home. The subject of our cover story this month, Lee Bernhard, is a testament to this. He chooses not to “retire” per se but rather keep working as a photographer and enjoying his road trips and other hobbies.

Read Lee’s inspiring story on page 4.

Thank you, as always, for reading Life After 50!

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