From the Publisher’s Desk: Happy New Year


By Bruce Schlabaugh

At Life After 50 we celebrate the New Year with our annual Resource Handbook. This year’s version is on nicer paper and loaded with valuable information for our readers.

We started dropping it with the December paper and more will be inside our January issue.  We did a little more indexing to make your search easier. We also simplified the listing so that we could squeeze more information into the directory. I hope you find it very helpful throughout the year.

We have added a few things over 2018 to make Life after 50 a little more fun. We are printing a pet feature, a kitty column and some jokes sent to us from our readers. Our Happenings pages are very popular, and we also like to include travel features, recipes and crosswords to keep you entertained.

Anthony and I have been writing our own columns to start off the paper. Last month, I ran out of ideas so I enlisted Abe Lincoln. As we head into 2019, we are looking forward to adding some more special sections and events to interest our readers. These are still in the planning stages, but you will be the first to know. We also are planning to revive our senior trade show, 50+ Fest, in May! Stay tuned for more details!

But enough about us; what about you? Are you looking forward to next year? Are you hoping for the Rockies to win the pennant or the Broncos to get a new coach? Are you looking forward to springtime in the Rockies when everything starts to become green again? How about visits to the grandkids or shopping trips to kids? Are all you skiers hoping for tons of white powder?

I look forward to another year in Colorado and I hope we can continue to bring you news you can use in Life After 50.


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