History highlights harp

By Victoria R. Lidmark
Special to Life After 50

My name is Victoria R. Lidmark, local harp instructor at Victoria’s Schoool of Harp, 4360 Montebello Dr. (victoriaschoolofharp.com).

Patricia Croke and Julie Penrose were harp friends. They had lovely harps. Patricia owned a Lyon & Healy Style 19 harp, and Julie Penrose had bought a Napoleon Bonaparte-era harp, which was already over 100 years old, in Europe on her travels.
I have both Harps at my studio and was hired to do cosmetic work on both. I felt the connection to Mrs. Croke as I kept her picture next to me as I cleaned and polished and put the gold on her.

The Julie Penrose harp has been a delight for me too. I have her picture next to me, and I feel the history enchanting to my imagination, as I wonder if this harp was one of the first pedal harps created and played. She will return to Penrose House Museum soon for continued display.

Patricia Croke’s harp is needing a local owner that will appreciate the beauty and the sound and the history that this harp shares with our Colorado Springs area.

Mrs. Croke played this harp at local events, and she shared it with local K-12 schools. She taught on it at Colorado College and played it in the symphony. It was her personal harp.
These Colorado Springs historic harps and their leading ladies belong here in spirit. I am privileged to do this work.

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