From the Publisher’s Desk: Joy to the world


By Bruce Schlabaugh

Nancy Norman, in her April column “Close Connections After 50,” quotes Dan Fogelberg, “when the binding cracks and the pages yellow, I’ll still be in love with you.”

Natalie and I were having one of “those days” last week. The bad luck was rolling in on both of us. We were both recovering from bad colds and were both in pretty rotten moods. When my editor, Anthony Welch, offered us tickets to see Three Dog Night, we did not know if we could summon enough energy to drive there to see the concert but said yes anyway.

On the way into the Pikes Peak Center, Natalie remarked that she was only attending out of pity, just to keep me company. Great! So as the band walked onto the stage we both had rotten attitudes and were certain nothing could change that. Then they began to play.

Almost immediately we were transported back to the 60s and 70s, when we were teenagers and to our college days. The dark clouds disappeared. We found ourselves reverting to a time when we were carefree, dating, dancing and of course, singing along to “Mama Told Me Not to Come,” “Eli’s Coming” and “Joy to the World.” Each song was better than the last. We had no idea Three Dog Night had 20 solid gold hits back then.
Isn’t there something about old rock ‘n’ roll songs that wash away the blues? They remind us how cool life is, how wonderful love can be (“An Old Fashioned Love Song”). It can even awaken ideas previously unconsidered like appreciating the beauty of nature in “Out in the Country” and perhaps about climate change (“before the breathing air is gone, before the sun is just a bright spot in the nighttime”).

Boy, we really needed that concert! One can be married for several years, and there can be plenty of issues to strain your relationship. Our work, our finances, the children, family politics and a lot more can make us crazy from time to time. Amazing how great music can cure what ails you.

Still, we have great memories from our youth to fall back on. Thanks to the old rock stars we can carry ourselves back in time to cherish the past, just when we need it most.
Three Dog Night helped us through a few dark days. We had a blast!

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