Food for Thought: You’re the best dad ever


By Beryl Williams

While May is the month to celebrate mothers, June is the month to celebrate fathers.

I just read an article that said Mother’s Day is still a more popular holiday than Father’s Day. I think that dads are getting a bad rap.

Let’s think for a moment about all he does. He goes out every day into what is often a “dog eat dog world.” More than likely, he is going to a job that he doesn’t enjoy but still goes every day so that he can take care of his family.

If he is not the sole bread winner, he is more often than not, the primary one. There is a good chance that he has a crappy boss who doesn’t acknowledge his accomplishments or ever give him a “Job well done!” This is what he deals with day in and day out, for a minimum of eight hours.

Why does he do this? Because he loves his family. Yet sadly, he often receives no thanks from his family. After all, it’s expected of him, right? “That’s just what dad’s do.”

There are things that every member of the family is “supposed to do” but we all want to be appreciated for what we do. Dads are no different. Now, this world tells them to put up a tough front, to act like they don’t care. However, let me assure you that they do care.

We, as their families have the ability to make them feel glad to do all they do for us or we can make their hearts feel heavy, sad and unappreciated. Let’s be honest, who wants to live in that environment?

However, his day isn’t over yet. As soon as he walks through the door, often it can feel like every member of the house wants something from him. “Dad, will you take me to…?” “Dad, can I have $10 to go out with my friends?” “Honey, the toilet is leaking again. Will you take care of that?” Ask yourself, how often do you ask him how his day went BEFORE asking something of him? How often does he get a few minutes to relax before the barrage of requests hit him?

Now, please know that I am not intentionally bashing anyone, it’s just that I have seen the above to be true in more households than not. So, THIS Father’s Day, really give thought to all that your Dad does for you and show him how much you appreciate all he does. Love on him a little! He’ll love it!

Happy Father’s Day Dad!

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