From the Publisher’s Desk: Enough is enough


By Bruce Schlabaugh

As of today, 13 states require recipients of Social Security benefits to include the amount they receive in their taxable income.

Those states are New Mexico, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Nebraska, Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, West Virginia, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Vermont.

With all the revenues in Colorado coming in from the marijuana establishments, as well as the lottery and casinos, I would ask why they also need to tax my social security? Colorado should cease taxing those benefits.

Like others over age 65, I am still working. It is beyond irritating at this point of my life to have Colorado tax my meager retirement income.

We hoped to be somewhat secure when we paid off our home. No such luck. We recently had to rip out the bathroom walls behind the shower having discovered water damage behind the tilework. That was after the sprinkler system needed repair to the tune of $800.

As the house gets older, there will be more to address. In fact, I just noticed the siding needs a new coat of paint. Oh well, cut back here and there. We don’t dare go beyond hotdogs or spaghetti for dinner!

We planted a garden – spent a small fortune on soil and plants but still hope for a few zucchini, tomatoes and maybe squash. Hail storms missed us, unlike my friend who lost his whole garden due to hail damage.

At least the cars are running. Although I do wonder how car insurance keeps going up on our 1998 van, 1999 and 2000 Hondas? I complain, but if you’re nodding as you read this, then misery indeed loves company.

Still hunting for my “Golden Years.” Where the hell did they go? There’s nothing luxurious in my vacation budget. Short trips into the mountains, maybe the drive-in movies in Pueblo or pick a few free events listed in our Happenings section.

Well, as long as I am close to being bankrupt, I can still enjoy the magnificent beauty of the mountains. Happy trails to you my readers, and may you enjoy this August issue of Life After 50.

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