Food for Thought: Maintain a closeness with Him


By Beryl Williams

In our 21st century, the month of September is probably best recognized for the tragedy that by and large affected every man, woman and child in this country. It was on Sept. 11, 2001 that we all felt the depth of just how vulnerable and mortal we were.

One noteworthy consequence of this event was that people suddenly seemed to be aware of their need for God. It was reported everywhere that people were flocking to churches throughout the days that followed. It is interesting, that in general, people cry out to God in times of crisis and obviously, find some comfort in doing so. And yet, in a very short period of time, as the time of crisis passed, the masses started to go back to their lives, without God, as was proved by the dwindling attendance in churches.

Personally, this woman finds it so tragic that, we as humans, seem to deny ourselves all that God has to offer when times are good. It’s like we say to God, “Thanks for being there but I’ve got this covered. All is well.” and then turn our backs to Him and proceed to live our lives. But, what if, we also let Him into our lives when times are easier and not so filled with crisis? What if we used the good times to bond with our Lord and deepen our relationship with Him? Psalm 149: 4 says that “The Lord takes pleasure in His people.” Wow. What a concept! The Lord “takes pleasure” in us!

Why not cease limiting God just as being a God of comfort in the tough times, though He is, but also view Him as a God that experiences delight with us as well. Just think about how much richer our lives would be if we maintained a closeness with Him when things are good. When you share a laugh with a close friend or smile with a companion over something you both enjoy, don’t you feel an instant bond? Imagine having that kind of a bond with our Lord! He wants us to enjoy every facet of relationship with Him.

So, accept the challenge. Try laughing with Him when something gives you a chuckle. Smile with Him at a beautiful sunset or a fragrant smelling rose. Include Him regularly in the good times and see just how much the peace and joy in your life increases.


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