From the Editor’s Desk: Drum therapy


By Anthony Welch

Other than six months around 15 years ago, I have played the drums for 32 years.
I can’t imagine a life without my drums. As far as I’m considered, barring any serious arthritis, I’ll drum until I die.

I’m always grateful that my parents not only bought my first drum set for me when I was 12, but that they put up with all the noise in the house, as I constantly played along to my favorite records and tapes. I realized the therapeutic value of being a drummer at an early age.

Whenever I feel stressed or have a lot on my mind, it all goes away if I get behind some drums. Hitting them a little extra hard because I’m frustrated does help a little, but the bigger benefit is just in the dopamine rush that accompanies playing. The relaxed feeling of contentment is priceless.

It’s hard to believe that during that six months, I didn’t own any drums. Now, I have four drum kits (OK, it’s actually five, but don’t tell my wife). My son Jaxson and I enjoy getting some drumming in together when we can. He’s blossoming on drums and started playing at age 5. He has a 7-year head start.

He’s already playing beats I couldn’t play until I was an adult. He also writes his own parts and gives me direction on what to play. This is a huge fatherhood dream come true for me.

Christine Pierce is also a drummer who loves her craft, so much so that she has four bands … sometimes five.

She’s drummed for more than 40 years. We’ve been acquaintances in the local music scene.

Now, I’m excited for you to get to read about her. Read about Christine here: Living life beat by beat

Thank you, as always, for reading Life After 50.

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