From the Editor’s Desk: Shake a veteran’s hand


By Anthony Welch

While Veterans Day falls in November, those who have served should be respected, honored and recognized year-round.

In this month’s issue, we recognize a handful of vets (page 4). Each tells a unique story. Each learned valuable lessons. Each is proud of their service. We should be proud of all vets, no matter if they were in wars or not.

The choice to sacrifice for your country can’t be an easy one. The mental and physical rigors I can’t fathom going through myself. I’m grateful for the vets who serve, so people like me don’t have to.

I’m very proud of the veterans in my family, including my father Harry Welch, grandfather Charles Cornett, uncle Wayne Cornett, uncle Richard Welch, uncle Jerry Welch. I also salute all of the band mates and friends I know that have served. Thank you all for your service.

Do me a favor and while you’re making plans for Thanksgiving or even Christmas, put that all aside and thank a veteran. Whether you know them personally or not, thank them for their service and shake their hand.

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