From the Publisher’s Desk: Holiday thanks


By Bruce Schlabaugh

Most seniors look forward to the holidays. Memories of the past are envisioned. Past holidays with family are remembered, sometimes with rose-colored glasses. Pleasant thoughts of good times with friends or family are especially cherished at this time of year. Yet, for some seniors aging has not brought them into a “happy holiday place.”

They may be experiencing the symptoms of illness or of chronic pain. Some may be suffering from dementia. So, this is a very special time for us to be thanking all of you caregivers.

You have offered your nursing skills and personal care to insure that those who are not enjoying the best of times will receive much needed love and attention. You are right there at their side as they fight their own personal or health battles.

Whether it be family members or paid caregivers, the effort to aide their patients is worthy of our praise. Many caregivers work to help family members or patients who are unable to acknowledge their appreciation.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s patients can be totally oblivious to the people around them. Caregiving of those with dementia can be challenging in different ways, but all in all very demanding.

Often caretakers must work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Others work schedules that leave little time for themselves. Some family members cannot or will not assist the caregiver which burdens the main caregiver even more.

There are those families that offer respite and share caregiving shifts. For others, there are at least some opportunities for some respite care. If you are a family caregiver you can contact several organizations and care facilities. They may provide some Medicare covered respite care for a week or more, giving you a break from the ongoing pressure of daily health care.

Whether seniors are in assisted living, long term care, home care or any other type of environment, it is good to know there are a great many people standing by the seniors in need. They give care and loving attention when it is needed most.

At Life After 50 we wish all of our readers a very happy holiday season with hope for a wonderful and enjoyable New Year. Our 2020 Resource Handbook is hitting the streets this month, and this year in May we are planning to have a senior fair. Watch for more information on Fifty Fest in upcoming issues.

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