From the Editor’s Desk: Worn out from winter


By Anthony Welch

Readers of Life After 50 have read it in this column many times. Those who know me have heard it countless times. My wife is really tired of hearing me say it.

But, I despise winter time.

I know we live in Colorado, and it’s a given. And I know that, until my wife lets us move to Florida, I’m stuck with it.  This winter just seems to be worse than it has been in the past four or five years. Perhaps it was because I was spoiled when we had somewhat of a drought during those winters with minimal snow.

I thrive on the sun. I bask with joy in the glorious heat when the weather’s warm. Cold and gloomy sends my soul into a dark cave. I know that’s dramatic, but that’s how it feels at times.

I have found ways to cope with winter. While I’d love to be wearing shorts every day, the cold is just too much to handle. So, last year I discovered a cozy alternative that relaxes me – wearing warmup pants. Unless I have to meet with people for Life After 50 business, I like to stay tucked away in our cozy office wearing warmup pants and sweatshirts. Plus, I stay warm.

Other things that help to cheer me up during this icy and annoying time of year are grabbing some Mexican food with my son Jaxson and heading to an arcade or bowling alley. Enjoying lunch with my wife on our day off and heading to our favorite store to browse – Willowstone –also puts me in a better mood.

Let me know how you feel about winter time. If it gets you down, tell me how you cope. Thank you for reading Life After 50.

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