From the Publisher’s Desk: It’s time for some fun


By Bruce Schlabaugh

As we head into March I am looking forward to warmer days and, hopefully, spring.

Yesterday I was working in the backyard, and I noticed some bright green new grass sprouting out from under some yard debris that I was trying to throw away. Seeing green grass popping up makes me think that the daffodils and crocus flowers are not far behind. I usually think of St. Patrick’s Day as the unofficial kickoff to spring. By then, Coloradoans have had their fill of cabin fever and are preparing to get outdoors again and have some fun.

Speaking of fun, we are in the planning stages of our senior trade show. Life After 50 presents Fifty Fest. It is scheduled for Thursday, May 14, and we have an ad for the show in this month’s paper. This show is all about having fun. We are planning for music and entertainment, free gifts and prize drawings.

One of the prizes is a Caribbean cruise for two. We are planning to have a wide variety of vendors and some free food tastings. I will update you in the April edition about Fifty Fest. We look forward to seeing you there.

In addition to Fifty Fest, I am thinking of all the outdoor activities available to us all in the spring and summer. By the time June rolls around the plants should start finding their way into our gardens, the sprinkler systems should be getting turned on again, the barbeque grills will be on fire, the grass will be getting trimmed and we should all be getting out in the sunshine with hiking, fishing, golfing and every other activity that seniors enjoy.

We also try to feature Colorado vacation getaways every month, I hope you enjoy them. I think all the rancor caused by the political debates should be pretty much over by then.
I am sure we will all be happy for all the peace before the two presidential candidates begin slugging it out later this summer and in the fall. I am sure all our camper people, either tent types or vehicle types, are eager to hit the road.

All of our Phoenix snowbirds should be heading back to town. The same goes for our neighbors from Texas trying to escape the heat and humidity.

As you can see I am excited for my favorite Colorado lifestyle to return. Let’s get out to the mountains and have a blast.

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