On This Day …

Circa 1900s, in the early 20th century, the bicycle was the preferred method of transportation in Colorado Springs. Cycling caught on quickly in the city thanks, in part, to organizations such as the Pikes Peak Roadsters, a club organized in 1895 with the mission to “procure all of the pleasure and glory possible in riding a bicycle.” The Roadsters organized long distance rides, races, bicycle shows, and jubilees to support this mission. By 1900 over a dozen bicycle dealers and repair shops were listed in the city directories.

Local physician Dr. Samuel Caldwell commented extensively about bicycles in a letter to the 1901 Colorado College Century Chest time capsule, “A few automobiles have appeared in the city, but as yet they are too costly and noisy and smelly … Bicycles are the most popular and convenient means of getting about and there are thousands of them in use … It looks as if the bicycle has taken a permanent place among our wheeled vehicles, and I think you will be using them in 2001 but prophesying is dangerous business.”

Image courtesy of the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum

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