From the Editor’s Desk: A strange, new world


By Anthony Welch

Not printing an actual newspaper this month – I’m sure it’s a first for this publication, which is in its 30th year. As an old school journalist, it’s really strange to me.

Of course, life as we know it now is strange from all this COVID-19 madness. Our office was forced to shut down at the beginning of April. We had no choice really. Most places Life After 50 is distributed are closed down. Our distribution took a major hit.

We knew we wouldn’t be printing a May issue. But we also didn’t want our readers to do without this month. So here’s our “digital issue.” You may be reading it on your computer or your phone, or perhaps a friend printed it out for you.

No all seniors may be keen on using technology to read Life After 50. If you have friends or family who may struggle with this concept, please give them a call and assist them in reading this month’s issue. You can also download a PDF file of it from and email it to whomever.

Though it could change, the plan is to be back in print for June. As for this month, at least we’re doing our tiny part for the environment and saving some paper.

Take care everyone, and, as always, thank you for reading Life After 50.

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