From the Publisher’s Desk: Homebound & heartbroken


By Bruce Schlabaugh

Our family of four has been quarantined for more than a month. We have gone through three 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzles. I heard that jigsaw puzzle companies have had a spike in sales.

We were so bored that we planted vegetable seeds. We watch them every day. They are just now starting to sprout with all four of us cheering them on. I am even thinking of getting a cat harness so I could take my cat for a walk but I fear that would probably end in disaster. I see Jazzy being dragged against her will down the street.

We are going to put the May edition online, because so many of our distribution locations are closed. We should get back to normal in June as I see businesses cautiously re-opening in the Springs. The senior center is one of our most popular drops and I know the seniors really miss the comradery they receive there. We look forward to it re-opening.

I have also been saddened as I watch the news about the beating our senior population is taking with this cruel virus. Our senior assisted living properties and long-term care facilities are in the eye of the storm. Many loved ones are forced to sit helplessly by as our family members succumb to COVID-19.

The medical staffs deserve our praise as the stay by the patients’ sides. In many cases they are the last person there, and they find the strength to help the dying be with a caring face and to squeeze a hand as they say goodbye. If you see any health care workers give them a smile. I know they would appreciate it.

We are all heartbroken as we watch the victims, and we can only hope there is a cure coming soon. I am getting used to wearing the mask, but I would be overjoyed if we found the vaccine that would give COVID-19 its knockout punch.

Let’s hope that the cure comes soon and we can return to a happier stretch of days. I am pulling for the warm days of summer begin to further decimate the virus, and I hope soon we can wipe it out forever.

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