From the Publisher’s Desk: Who do you trust?


By Bruce Schlabaugh

“Who Do You Trust?” This was an American television game show that ran in the 1950s. The series was initially emceed by Johnny Carson. Johnny went on to host “The Tonight Show.” “Who Do You Trust?” involved couples trying to decide which person might have the right answer to a question and were actually telling the truth. Liars, who were also good actors, could sometimes fool the contestants and the audience.

It feels like the senior population is involved in a new and deadly version of “Who Do You Trust?” today.

Several politicians, businessmen and even clergy members are advising us to move back into the mainstream. They raise their voices with their command, “Damn the COVID-torpedoes, full speed ahead!” They want us to restart the economy, go back to work, attend religious services and get on with our lives.

Others however, especially health care providers, are begging us to remain at home whenever possible, use face masks when out in public and clean hands with soap much more often. Considering the alternative (contracting COVID-19), an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

COVID-19 is a relentless enemy. It attacks its victim through the air and enters through your nasal passages. Then it heads for your lungs where it can be lethal in days. Our frontline healthcare people have seen more than enough. Watching patients die without having loved ones nearby is brutal for them. For the patient, essentially alone once admitted to the hospital ICU, it can be terrifying.

Who do we trust? The “get back out there” crowd? Or do we trust the “stay at home” advisors? Many seniors are lucky in that they are already retired and have social security to get them through. They do not need to return to the workplace. We need to stay the course, remain vigilant and stay mostly at home for the time being.

There are several sights on TV showing the COVID-19 threat is increasing in areas of the country where they did not require social distancing and all came out to play on the beach or in the park over the long Memorial Day weekend.

I am the only one in the Life After 50 offices today. We are doing our part to stay healthy. All of our staff is working from home with the exception of myself. I come in once a week to make sure everything is still okay. In all honesty, after a week at home with my crazy family, I look forward to the change of scenery!

Seniors are older and we are wiser. We know who to trust during this pandemic. We trust doctors, epidemiologists and the experts to help us make the right decision. We will trust ourselves to be safe and win this fight. We pray that the labs find a vaccine soon, so we can beat COVID-19 and regain the lifestyle that was taken away from us.


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