From the Editor’s Desk: No ordinary summer


By Anthony Welch

The gloriously-warm, summer weather brings me joy during this unusual time.

It’s no ordinary summer by any means. At times, though, things feel normal. Waving at neighbors taking a stroll, playing basketball in the driveway, hitting the golf course (and mini golf course) with the family and grilling food out on the deck all help me to forget that there’s a pandemic going on.

However, my thoughts quickly catch up with me. Reality sets in the moment I reach for a mask as I head into a grocery store. Sadness creeps in when I think about the next time I’ll attend a concert or perform a show with one of my bands. Thinking about when my son can see his friends again pulls at my heartstrings even more. Thankfully, he’s enjoyed some time with cousins.

I’m striving to make the most of the summer the best I can during this strange and bizarre time. Adapting to change is never easy. Adapting to life with the pandemic is unavoidable.

It’s important to live. It’s important to play. It’s important to love. It’s important to remember that we are all affected by COVID-19.

I enjoy summer the most of all the seasons. Though it’s slightly altered, I’ll keep finding ways to relish it. For my family, we’ve found getting outside more, hiking, taking road trips have helped ease the strangeness. Keeping close with family has also helped.

Do what you love the best you can during the pandemic. Stay vigilant. Be considerate of others, and wear a mask. Practice social distancing, however, don’t distance yourself from the ones you love. They’re all just a phone call, text or video chat away.



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