From the Editor’s Desk: Another white hair?!


By Anthony Welch

This is about that time of year when I start to seriously annoy my wife Ashley by exclaiming, “Summer’s over!”

I know it’s not, really. But with school looming for my son Jaxson and my birthday at the end of the month, not to mention fall knocking on the door, it’s somewhat a sad time for me.

I’ve probably mentioned before that my birthday brings about too much contemplation on life, depression and little joy like I once enjoyed as a kid when birthdays rolled around.

Sure, I’m not that “old” per se. I’ll turn 45 on Aug. 23. Physically, I don’t feel my age. Mentally, at times, I feel much older. And what’s with all these white hairs?! They’re popping up in places where there was no hair at all. I try to tell myself they’re signs of wisdom and experience  – markings of a weathered Jedi.

Jaxson thinks otherwise – “You’re turning into a grandpa Anthony!”

I’m very fortunate that being a musician, especially a heavy metal musician, keeps me feeling young. We sort of live a life of perpetual adolescence in a way. I still sport baggy shorts and heavy metal T-shirts on the regular. I still relish the 30 minutes I get to perform onstage and rehearsing with band mates.

I’m grateful to still climb playground equipment with my son, go one-on-one on the basketball court and drain 20-something jumpers like I was a 20 year old. I’m the near-45-year-old dad that still engages in pro wrestling matches with his son and that attempts to jump his son’s bike off a curb and eats it hard in front of the entire neighborhood.

The old adage “Age is just a number” holds true. We’re only as old as we want to be. The things we love and enjoy can truly be a fountain of youth.

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