County announces temporary election jobs, advises motor vehicle customers to use online services

For Life After 50

Elections – Our Election Department has many short-term temporary jobs available called Election Judges. It is an exceptional opportunity for you to be involved in this historic Presidential Election. “Judge” is the term for people who work in a variety of areas including ballot processing, data entry, phone bank, and Voter Service and Polling Centers. The job may run up to 5 weeks through Election Day Nov. 3 and usually is paid above the minimum wage. Our office provides safety measures for the well-being of our judges and staff members during the pandemic. We are committed to ensuring citizens are enfranchised to exercise their democratic right to vote.

Our Election Department has been nationally recognized for their professional expertise conducting elections. As an Election Judge you will be a valued member of our team and will enjoy the support of our staff members. To learn more visit under the 2020 General Election tab, then the tab Election Judges. Contact Angie Leath, Director of Elections, or 719-575-8683.

Motor Vehicle Service – We strongly recommend people use the more than 30 online services for motor vehicle and driver’s license transactions at When you need an office visit, you must make an appointment. It’s easy at There also is a short video to show you how. Call 719-520-6240 or email for information.

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