from the editor’s desk: perks of ‘new normal’

By Anthony Welch

The pandemic has forced all of us to adjust our lives. Our daily routines have changed drastically.

A simple trip to the grocery store now requires a mask, being mindful to keep distance from others and a dousing of hand sanitizer afterward. When we do get to see friends, we have to restrain ourselves from embracing one another with friendly, physical contact.

Many children, including my son Jaxson, are attending virtual school from home. I feel terrible that he doesn’t get to interact with his friends. Fortunately, he has hung out with cousins and one of his friends this summer.

I am, however, finding bright spots in all this madness. The majority of our tiny staff here at Life After 50 is now working remotely at home. That’s enabled me to work side-by-side with Jaxson and I’m able to help him out with school work when he needs it. And I can also listen in to his teacher and make sure he’s paying attention. I hope he gets to return to the classroom sooner than later, but for now I feel safer with him at home, and I enjoy the extra time with him.

As a family in general, we’re getting more time with one another. My wife Ashley’s tattoo shop was forced to split up the artists. So now she only works three days of the week, and her income hasn’t changed. She’s enjoying having four days off a week to enjoy more time golfing with me and hanging out with Jaxson.

At times, things actually feel normal. Even though it’s taken some adaptation and adjustment, happiness can be found during these strange times.

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