from the publisher’s desk: Time for a change

By Bruce Schlabaugh

No, this has nothing to do with current political positions. For just about 30 years, we have published Life After 50 as a tabloid style newspaper. Recently, we had a marketing team suggest a makeover to update the quality of our publication.

We reviewed several options and came up with a magazine format that looks pretty nice.

A magazine style allows us to keep all the news that you are used to getting in the paper but with a more pleasing graphic layout. The higher quality stock keeps the pages from turning yellow, as the sun cooks them in the newsstands. It will be about the same physical size as our current product. After all these years, I must admit I am looking forward to the change.

We are scheduling the new look Life After 50 to come out next month. Be on the lookout for it in all the familiar places. Don’t be surprised when you notice the style change. Your feedback is appreciated. I hope you like it.

Also a side note to our subscribers. The mail has mangled the delivery dates thanks to the new postmaster. I regret that the issues have been taking longer to get to your door. As you can imagine, there is little I can do about it.

We are also hard at work on the 2021 Resource Handbook that is scheduled to hit the streets Jan. 1. If you have a business that you want included in the 2021 issue, email me at

Finally, I am wishing all our readers a safe journey through this COVID-19 nightmare. We still support masks and social distancing. I feel that things are getting better with everyone joining in.

The governor has made it clear that we all have to do our part, and I do see that the statistics are heading down into a more positive territory. Let’s cross our fingers for a vaccine to be found soon, so that we can get our lives back to normal.

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