Got Bigfoot? Chuck zukowski investigates paranormal along 37th parallel

By Anthony Welch

A simple phone conversation with Chuck Zukowski can get very interesting very quickly.

A microchip engineer by day and paranormal investigator by night, he mentioned some of the cases he had investigated prior to COVID-19 as if they weren’t too big of a deal.

Those cases included strange lights spotted east of Calhan, a Bigfoot sighting near Green Mountain Falls and peculiar animal killings up in Cripple Creek.

“That was kind of a cool one. It was almost chupacabra-like stuff. The animals had puncture marks,” Zukowski said. “Three animals were dead, one survived and one missing. The rancher saw some unusual things in the sky and unusual things running around out there.”

Passion for the paranormal

Zukowski grew fascinated with everything paranormal as a child. He was born and raised in Safford, Arizona, where he constantly questioned the nuns at his Catholic school.

“I knew from a very young age that there was a lot more to this world. I had a lot of books on UFOs and ghosts. I was always passionate about this,” he said. “Paranormal means everything outside the normal. For some reason, ghost hunters took the word for themselves.”

He immersed himself into everything paranormal from that point on. He read, researched and attended symposiums to learn more about the field. It wasn’t long before he was conducting his own investigations.

“I became a field investigator and UFO detective of sorts,” Zukowski said. “I’d go on site, look for evidence and talk to people that actually witnessed an event.”

In his line of work, some of his favorite people to talk to are kids.

“A few years ago, a father and his kids saw a triangular craft fly over Austin Bluffs in the late afternoon,” he said. “I love talking to kids. As we get older, we try to understand what we saw based on what we know. Little kids will just say what they saw flat out.”

Zukowski’s investigating skills were bolstered by his eight years spent as an El Paso County reserve sheriff’s deputy. However, his fascination for solving paranormal mysteries is what he enjoys most.

“I look at all my investigations analytically,” he said. “I use that thinking going into investigations in ufology and try to eliminate anything that could be possible first. You need to know what’s out there. You need to know what’s in the sky already.”

TV stardom

The 30-year paranormal investigator quickly became so experienced and knowledgeable in the field, that he was asked to provide commentary on several cable television shows. Since 2002, he’s appeared on 10 shows on the SyFy Network, Travel Channel, Discovery Channel and ABC.

In December 2018, Zukowski was given his own show on the Travel Channel. “Alien Highway” ran for one season, eight episodes in total, in 2019. Zukowski, his son Daniel and fellow investigator Heather Taddy followed up on his cases along what he calls “UFO Highway”—the 37th Parallel.

“There were no scripts. They’d turn the camera on and say, ‘Okay, Chuck, do your stuff,”’ he said.

Through his research and investigations, Zukowski has found numerous UFO sightings, cattle mutilations and other strange activity along the 37th parallel north latitude, which travels through Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Arizona.

Author Ben Mezrich details Zukowski’s findings in his 2016 New York Times best-selling book, “The 37th Parallel: The Secret Truth Behind America’s UFO Highway.”

“It’s been optioned to New Line Cinema,” Zukowski added. “Last I heard, the screenplay has been written and is starting to get a little interest now.”

Resuming investigations

When COVID-19 hit, Zukowski’s investigations came to a screeching halt. He used the down time to upgrade equipment and learn about the different kinds of technology investigators are using these days. He’s just now starting to resume his investigations and receive more reports of the paranormal.

“In May, there was a string of lights spotted between Fountain and Pueblo. Just on the other side of Black Forest, people are seeing some interesting things,” Zukowski said.

Zukowski mentioned that the “Godfather of Roswell” Stanton Friedman—a nuclear physicist and professional ufologist—died last May. He was an original civilian investigator of the Roswell UFO incident.

“He passed away at an airport coming back from a lecture,” Zukowski said. “That’s how I want to go. He was pushing and pushing the UFO thing, and that’s how he died.”

For more information about Zukowski’s investigations and to contact him, visit his website

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