editor’s column: welcome to the new life after 50!

COVID-19 kept us from printing during the month of May and the pandemic altered our operations a bit. We were down, but definitely not out.

By Anthony Welch

It’s fitting that our publication gets a major facelift during our 30th year of serving seniors. Change isn’t always easy. However, I’m confident that readers will appreciate our new magazine look, along with new sections, new columns and—of course—stories on seniors in the Pikes Peak region.

I’m grateful for this new direction, and I’m blessed to have a great crew of writers and columnists. In my 20-plus year career in journalism, working for Life After 50 has proven to be the most enjoyable.

Speaking of changes
COVID-19 has created a new reality for us all. (Anyone else sick of hearing “new normal” or “these challenging times” on TV and radio?) A simple trip to the grocery store now requires a mask, social distancing from other people, and a dousing of hand sanitizer afterward.

My son, Jaxson, is back in the classroom wearing a mask. His desk is spaced out from the other students, and he’s required to eat lunch six feet away from his pals. It breaks my heart to remind him that he can’t hug his friends because this little guy is a huge hugger.

We adults have to abide by the same protocol and resist the urge to hug our good friends when we see them. We’re now reserved to fist and elbow bumps.

For others, however, the isolation and distancing have taken a bigger toll. This was the case for writer Melanie Wiseman. Her parents’ independent living facility went on lockdown when the pandemic broke out. Even as her mother’s health quickly declined, Wiseman wasn’t able to see or hug her mom until the day before her passing. In fact, she was only given one hour to be with her dying mother. Read the heart-wrenching story, “The Cruelty of Quarantine.”

Letters to the editor
We want to hear from you! Take note of our new section to the right of this column “Letters From Our Readers.” Here we’ll be printing your kind words or even not-so-kind words from emailed or mailed letters, as well as comments posted on our website or Facebook page.

If you see something you like with our new magazine or something you may not like so much, please feel free to email me at Anthony@LAFifty.com

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