This year, be like elvis

Elvis Presley and I share the same philosophy on life.

By Anthony Welch

I discovered this while vacationing in Las Vegas, browsing rock ‘n roll memorabilia at the Hard Rock Hotel. Included was a postcard on which the King had written, “Someone to love, something to look forward to, and something to do!” My thoughts exactly.

My family—along with a desire to keep busy—is what drives me. 

Having someone to love was a goal at an early age. After an over 20-year search for love, I’m grateful to finally have found someone I want to grow old with. Not only is my wife, Ashley, very supportive of all the things I do, she’s also very talented and an inspiration. I’ve watched as she’s excelled with her art and created a successful career for herself in just four years. During the pandemic, she challenged herself to learn a new skill—playing the drums.

As to Elvis’ second declaration, I’ve always thrived on having something to look forward to, perhaps to a fault. I can’t sit still. The dopamine kicks in when I’m booking shows and planning rehearsals, family outings or trips—you name it. I love glancing at the calendar and seeing all of the things planned, or at the weather forecast to see when I might be able to golf next.

Heading into the new year, I’ll have to get a little creative in order to stay busy and not get too restless. The pandemic has halted many of the activities I look forward to doing. In the meantime, I’ve brainstormed some new ideas for 2021: record music at home, take guitar lessons and hopefully observe the inner workings of a recording studio.

Interviewing this month’s cover story subject, Becky Van Vleet, further confirmed my belief that you’re never too old to try something new. For Becky, it was publishing children’s books and becoming a writer in her 60s, which you can read more about on page 6.

The positive side of the pandemic is it seems more people are out trying things they might not have done before. It’s evident at the busy golf course, and in the fact that items like bikes were sold out for months. I’ve also heard it from many seniors, who all agree one can create happiness by staying active and busy.

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