Greetings, Readers!

We’ve all had harried and hurried days where we’ve rushed about doing this errand or that, staggering under the load of bulging grocery bags. Maybe the traffic on Powers or Academy was exceptionally hectic. Perhaps the vacation’s over and the jet lag has set in. You turn that doorknob, open the door and you’re home.

You set your heavy load down and gratefully enter the haven—your haven—that is safe, comforting, and rejuvenating, and you’re enveloped by the familiar sights, scents and sounds. Your favorite chair and fuzzy blanket. A cup of coffee. A woof and nuzzle from a pet. Ahhhh…

After a stressful season of job hunting and oh yes, a pandemic, I’m enthused and content to be home at the helm of Life After 50. Those who know me best have said some variation of, “You’re going to love that!” upon hearing my good news. I agree! As with any new job, there is much to learn, but the staff, writers and readers of our magazine have already inspired and delighted me, and I’m so looking forward to our journey together. 

Additional reasons I’m happy to be here: 

I’m one of you.

I fit the Life After 50 demographic. This means that what you’re interested in, I’m likely interested in as well. As many of you know, the sandwich generation is real. As the mom of four young adults in various stages of independence, both parents still (thankfully!) living, and a sweet and spunky 3-year-old granddaughter, I get it. I’m right in there with you.

Working with words is my jam.

I was a huge bookworm as a kid, and I loved to write poetry. The obvious choice for a college major? English, of course! A wordsmith in some capacity is all I ever wanted to be career-wise, and I’m blessed to have had a lengthy career in publishing as editor, writer, and proofreader here in the Springs. (Meriwether Publishing, anyone?) I like to read and write for fun when I’m off the clock as well. So many books, so little time.

I crave a sense of community (and bet you do, too)

I’ve lived in Colorado Springs since 1987, and I’m amazed at all the changes I’ve seen. Those who have lived here longer than I have tell tales of Austin Bluffs being just a dirt road with nothing beyond it. Unbelievable! As the years tick by with the inevitable additional changes, here’s what I hope will be a constant for you. 

It is my hope that Life After 50 will be a source of encouragement for us here in Colorado Springs, opening us all up to the possibilities unique to each passing year. As we age, let’s do it better. Let’s share our experiences. Let’s help each other navigate life at this age and stage, tethered together by a desire to make these years really count. Deal?

How to contact me

Do you have an article or a story you’d like us to cover? Drop me a line at 719-900-7664 or email me at


  • Looking for an ad from Susan Northrup Need her phone number to be able to call her, for work
    303 877 2298


  • I have been to six places looking for it from your list. No one has it. Want to subscribe but can’t seem to get that done. Very disappointed


    • Hello! Thank you for reaching out and for reading Life After 50! I’m sorry you’re having trouble finding the magazine. The October issue just came out on Tuesday and our delivery people are working hard this week to stock each location. It’s likely if those stops don’t have magazines now, they will by the end of the week. If you want to subscribe, our phone number is 719-900-7664.


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