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How to care for trees in the high desert

Commonly, maple trees aren’t native to Colorado, although the Bigtooth maple grows in western canyons and on stream banks and hillsides. The silver maple is a common landscape tree but performs poorly in the heavy alkaline (high pH) clay soils of the high desert, and is often plagued by iron chlorosis—yellowing of leaves caused by iron deficiency. Autumn Blaze maple, a hybrid between red and silver maples, suffers from some iron chlorosis, too.

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ask the old bag

Dear Old Bag: We have a big family and have always gotten together for big holiday dinners. It used to be at Mom’s house, but since she downsized, others have taken on the task. The problem is, we haven’t had a big family dinner since the pandemic started. We don’t see Mom except on family Zoom. None of us want

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